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We believe that, biblically, God invites us to trust Him with three major areas of our lives related to stewardship: our time, what we do; our talent, who we are; and our treasure, what we have. We're intentionally journeying together toward lives of stewardship marked by the phrase, "God owns everything and all of me."

We want to offer you resources to grow in this area and invite you to check out classes and Community Group curriculum that may be just what you've been looking for. You'll also find some online tools to make giving simple and easy here on the website.


Financial Peace University starts this Sunday, March 30, 11am - Join us for a new, 9-week class in room 121. Find out how you can be the best steward of God’s resources. For more information, contact .


Have a need?  Complete the form in this link.  Your information will give us insight into your situation and will be kept confidential, shared only with those taking part in fulfilling your need.

Want to help meet a need? Register to become a DEEDER you are not committing to fill any NEEDS. You are simply giving us enough information to notify you of NEEDS that meet your DEEDER PROFILE. Complete the form in this link

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