Care Notes

Below are a few examples of the CareNotes available in Lobbies 150 and 175.

Walking With God Through Grief and Loss

By Joyce Rupp, O.S.M.

You may be tempted to abandon God and prayer as you grieve because the pain is so great. In this reassuring and uplifting CareNote, Rupp inspires us to stay closer to God by trusting and by praying our pain. She reminds us that we need to lean on God, and believe in this compassionate Presence with us: 'God will, indeed, stay with us on our road to restored peace and joy.'

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Dealing With Anger

By Louisa Rogers

We can learn to transform our anger from a weapon that wounds ourselves and others to a tool that promotes understanding and healthy change in our relationships. 'Anger at its best is a dialogue,' writes Rogers.

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What Every Teen Should Know About Parents

By Jim Auer

If you can get all the teens in your care to read only ONE 'article' this year. THIS is the one! High school teacher and well-known youth writer Jim Auer here gives adolescents a series of ultra-important information and messages. "At the heart of any relationship," says the author, "is knowing where the other person is coming from," He then lists and elaborates on five key themes: There are many sounds of love; Your parents' reasons for worry are real; Parents have a job to do in spite of being imperfect; Parents can handle more than most teens think; Your teen years are difficult for parents, too. Order this uniquely insightful CareNote for all your teens (and their parents) today!

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