Greenhouse Worship Service FAQs

Greenhouse Worship Service - "Grow and Go"

What is it?

A greenhouse is an environment optimized for growth.  After plants in a greenhouse are developed, they are transplanted into the soil outside.  In the same way, the Greenhouse Worship Service is an additional Fellowship worship service designed to be an environment where Christ followers grow, so that  they can go into the world and fulfill the calling the Lord has placed on their lives to "Grow and Go."

Why are we doing it?

We are serious about leader development and Kingdom growth through multiplication.  The Greenhouse Worship Service and Fellowship Institute are two existing Fellowship Greenhouse initiatives.  Other Greenhouse initiatives including an intern residency program are being considered for the future.

The Greenhouse Worship services will:

  • Provide an environment for future leaders to develop their skills in ministry.
  • Emphasize the fact that every Christ follower is in “full-time ministry” no matter their vocation, and each has a unique mission from God to fulfill.

Who leads it?

Teaching is provided by a rotating team consisting of current FBC staff, other gifted teachers and, in the future, FBC interns. The worship is led by a team of mostly college-aged musicians.  Tim Beard functions as the primary overseer of the service.

Will the teaching be the same as in the Sunday morning services?

Because of the focus on “Grow and Go,” the messages do not necessarily coincide with the more broad teaching on Sunday mornings.

Who should attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend.  The Greenhouse Worship Service is a Fellowship ministry, therefore there is total alignment in vision, mission, values, and philosophy. It differs from Sunday morning only in emphasis and style.