Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring

Are there times when you wonder why marriage has to be so hard? Are you experiencing pain or discontent that makes you wonder if your relationship is as rock-solid as you thought? Do you think that no one at church would understand?

There are couples waiting and willing to walk with you through difficulty and to encourage you to go the distance. Marriage mentors invest in you, to be a sounding board and a safe place for your relationship.

What is marriage mentoring?
Marriage mentoring is when a more seasoned married couple links with a less experienced married couple to provide a relational safety net to foster growth toward a godly, thriving marriage. The couples agree to meet regularly for a defined period of time, generally 3 - 6 months; they agree on outcomes, and they mutually invest in one another's development and well-being.

Who can be mentored?
Newlywed, or even pre-married, couples can be mentored to help lay a solid foundation on which to build. Couples experiencing any kind of distress in their relationship can benefit from being mentored. Couples who consider their marriage "OK" but want to experience a deeper or richer relationship are also great candidates for mentoring.

We want to check this out, what's the next step?
Simply fill out a Marriage Mentoring Request Form, you'll then be contacted by our Marriage Mentoring Lead Couple who will ask you a few questions to match you with a great mentor couple. Next, that couple will contact you to set up an initial meeting. Remember, mentoring can be beneficial to every stage and phase of married life!

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