Why a Toy Drive and Party?

Why is Fellowship holding a Toy Drive and Christmas party for Mimosa Elementary School and Azalea Park Apartments?

Just as disciples of Christ are called to spread His wordand to seek and save the lost, so we are also called to seek and serve the poor. Both are part of what it means to follow Christ.  These toy drives allow us to accomplish each.  Every family that receives gifts has been selected by school social workers as “families that are most in need.”

In addition, the gospel is shared with every guest we encounter; through a prayer area at the event, story-telling to children and the gift of a Jesus Film video to every family.  

Most of us at Fellowship know that we are called to spread Christ’s word, to serve the poor and in fact live such a life. But all too often the world dictates our priorities and serving the poor becomes an afterthought. Or maybe it becomes something we “outsource.” That is, though willing to donate money to worthy causes, we aren't personally involved with the poor.

How unlike Jesus this is. He interacted regularly with persons in all strata of society. In fact, he sought them out!  As Jesus followers, we must do the same.

Prayerfully consider becoming personally involved with some of your neighbors right here in the Roswell area.

Kris Eldridge

Kris Eldridge

Community Outreach Pastor
Fellowship Bible Church

Jesus, break my heart for what breaks Yours