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How to Share Jesus with Your Neighbors at Christmas


Christmas is almost here! At Christmas, people are more spiritually “in tune.” This dynamic is true for both Christians and non-Christians. As Christ followers, we would be remiss not to leverage this activity. As you pray and think about how to show God’s love in practical ways this Christmas, you’ll find that God often gives you creative ways to communicate with people about how they can follow Jesus.

Be an Inviter!

Invite your friend to your small group, to a neighborhood Bible study, or to a special event, like your church’s Christmas Eve Services. Non-Christians are more open to coming to a Christmas Eve service than any other time of the year. So, invite them! Help them connect in contexts where they can hear the good news of Christ's love for them.

Plan Simple Get-Togethers!

  1. The easiest way to connect with a non-Christian is over a meal. Invite a neighbor to have a meal with your family.
  2. Host a Christmas open House - A bag of pretzels, a can of peanuts and a plate of Christmas cookies with something to drink is all you need. You can keep it small/simple. Caring enough to reach out to your neighbors is what really matters. 
  3. Throw the ultimate Jesus birthday party - For Jesus’ birthday, invite kids who may not know Him to His party.
  4. Have a couples/family dessert smorgasbord - invite neighbors to come and bring a dessert to share. Play games, share Christmas traditions or worst gift ever, then share a simple video clip of the Nativity and share your spiritual journey.
  5. Hand deliver Christmas gifts/cards to neighbors - wrap ornaments, hand towels, soaps, cookie cutters, homemade bread/cookies, or give the JESUS film video with a package of popcorn in a gift bag along with a Christmas card. Set aside time to personally deliver and wish folks Merry Christmas.
  6. Have a Christmas video clip party - have each guest cue up their favorite/funniest Christmas video clip and show it to the group - share favorite Christmas gifts/traditions in between clips - show a Nativity clip and share why that’s your favorite.

Serve with Your Neighbors! 

Serving with your neighbors is a great way to further develop a relationship. Some neighbors who won’t go to church will help serve someone in need or will serve at an event.

  1. Who do you know? The temptation at Christmas is to try and serve with an organization/event, but often there is need right around you. Is there a single parent, an elderly person, or a lonely person in your neighborhood or workplace that needs to be loved?
  2. Serve your community! Find a local para-church ministry or nonprofit in which to serve and invite your neighbor.

Tell Your Story & His Story! 

Listen to their story and don’t be afraid to tell yours. Share your personal testimony as God gives you the opportunity. Then, share His story! Remember, His story will save them, not yours. Let the Lord’s light in your life shine freely so that He may draw people to Himself! 

What about you?  What are your plans, or what are other ideas for sharing Jesus this Christmas?


Kris Eldridge

Community Outreach Pastor

Fellowship Bible Church



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