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God’s Megaphone to the Church

This fall, during the months of September through November, forty days are being devoted to an international pro-life movement.  40 Days for Life is currently underway as the largest coordinated mobilization for the right to life in history.  As part of this focus, we will be hearing from individual Fellowship members that are passionate about the pro-life movement.

A movie review of Voiceless

The movie begins with a young war veteran who goes to work at a church in Philadelphia and wants to start an outreach in the inner city.  He soon realizes that there is an abortion clinic across from the church.  Motivated by God’s love, he begins to reach out to young women entering the clinic.  He is willing to make huge sacrifices to take a stand for God’s heart for the voiceless. What is equally important is his love for the pregnant women in crisis as well as the fathers of the babies.

This movie is a powerful example of one man so identifying with his Savior’s heart that he cannot just sit by and do nothing.  In a day and age where abortion is turned into a political issue, this movie does a wonderful job of conveying that abortion not only destroys innocent lives, but wounds those involved.  It shows how this issue is not a political issue, but rather a Biblical issue.  This former soldier turned community outreach leader grieves over what grieves God. He is willing to reach out in love and kindness to attempt to show those going into the clinics that there is hope.  

Another powerful aspect is the interaction this man has with his church.  So often those within the church remain silent on this issue.  He boldly and kindly becomes not only a voice for the voiceless preborn babies, but also for the souls entering the clinic.  He faces opposition within the body of believers, but that does not stop him from being willing to stand alone and be evidence of God’s heart.

Initially, this movie was only going to be shown in Augusta, Georgia, but now it is showing in Roswell from October 7-13 at the Aurora Cineplex. If there is enough support this opening week, the theater will extend the show dates for this movie. If we all raised our voices in love and started getting involved, things could change in our country not only for the innocent children whose lives are being ended, but also for women and men who need to see the hope and love found in Jesus. 

My family and I have seen this movie and we highly recommend it.  I would encourage taking friends to this - believers and nonbelievers, pro-choice and pro-life. The sensitivity and tender candor of this film make it a must see for all.  Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, it may be more appropriate for those high school ages and above.  Teens will see an example of what it looks like to count the cost and truly live out Jesus’ heart.  

Review by Suzanne Guy
Fellowship Bible Church member
Kris Eldridge
Community Outreach Pastor
Fellowship Bible Church


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