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What does an 80s Night have to do with Discipleship?


Why are we doing this?

On Friday Night, February 10 from 7:30 until 9:00 pm, we will be hosting an “80s Night” as part of our Engage Neighbors and Nations weekend.  Some may be wondering why we are doing this and what does this have to do with our mission of making disciples.

Jesus’ first call to his disciples, when they asked Him where he was staying, was “Come and see.”  It was an invitation, with no strings attached, to spend time with Him; to get to know Him; to see what He was all about.  In the same way, personally and corporately, we should be in the habit of inviting people to spend time with us, no strings attached, as they explore the claims of Jesus. 

Our Sunday worship services are a great place to invite friends to explore what Christianity is all about.  Some, however, may need a preliminary step to just spend time with Christ followers.  That’s why we are having an 80s outreach – to provide an easy, first step to invite our non-Christian friends to hear about Jesus.

What will it look like?

We are going to enjoy a fun evening together, with lots of 80s pop music, some fun photo opportunities and most importantly, someone sharing their testimony.  The evening will be a success if our non-Christian friends leave with a good taste in their mouths, wanting to know more about Jesus.

Go Back to the Future - Photo opportunity with a DeLorean!

You can expect the band to be dressed in 80s garb, singing some of the top songs from the 80s.  Feel free to dress “decade-appropriate” as well!  We will sit around tables, share dessert and coffee, and enjoy a great evening together.

Will you rock the mullet?!

Next Steps

  1. PRAY about who you can invite.  The evening is only a success if we bring many who don’t know Christ. 
  2. INVITE them to the evening.  Let them know it’s going to be a fun night with lots of music and someone from your church sharing a brief story.  Offer to pick them up and give them a ride!
  3. SIGN UP for tickets.  We need to know how many to expect, so help us out.  Go to fellowshiproswell.org/events and click on the 80s night, Feb 10.
  4. BRING A DESSERT to share.  We will provide coffee and water.
  5. HAVE FUN and Party On!!  See you then!


Tim Beard

Pastor of Ministry Advancement, Fellowship Bible Church


Web:     www.fellowshiproswell.org

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