Cologne, Germany Serve Offering Update:

Glory to God!

Thanks to all of you who have given to this very important mission! Your investment will be directed entirely to training, relocating and supporting those that God has called to go for the long term. Everything that was given will be used to help reach a city where 99% of the population or 990,000 people are without Christ.

You can still give! if you mail in a check or send in funds electronically, be sure to mark your gift as “Cologne Offering” to ensure that it is dedicated to reaching "One Life at a Time" in Cologne, Germany.

Fellowship has been given an incredible opportunity to be a part of expanding God's Kingdom.  The Lord has led our Elders and church leadership to "adopt" a city in Europe where Christ is virtually unknown.  Cologne, Germany has one million residents with only 1% of the population who follow Jesus.  Therefore, 99% of the population or 990,000 people are without Christ.  Our leadership has listened to God and are now ready to "reach the least reached," both locally and globally.  Now is the time for us to step up!

Read this article from Greater Europe Mission about the partnership with Fellowship Bible Church.

Cologne, Germany Archive

Download and read more information about the Initiative.

Download and read more about the trips to Cologne.

Download and read about how to pray for the trips to Cologne.

Here is Fellowship's vision regarding Cologne: 

That Jesus will be lifted up and His Kingdom expanded.

That every person in the city will have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel and then disciple others to continue making new disciples.

That familes might be willing to "give their lives away" for the sake of His Kingdom in Cologne and will help lead FBC to accomplish what the Lord has asked us to do as a church and congregation.