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Serve Local


Saturday, April 26, 12:00- 4:00pm

Mimosa Elementary School

Join us as we serve those living at or below the poverty level in the city of Roswell.  Volunteers are needed to help with Haircuts, Food Services, Logistics, Kids Zone and more! Sign up to serve or donate online at:


Download the The Church Scattered Opportunities Brochure Here

Serve Prayer 

Click Here and learn about "My Hope" and how you can be a part of this this incredible opportunity to share God's love with the people in your life.

Local Serving best occurs when Christ followers discover and live out the good works that God has prepared for them through obedience to the command of Jesus to be His witnesses “in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Local Serving is a response to the call Jesus Christ has given us to be His witnesses. 

The primary focus and strategic direction that guides FBC’s local serve ministry is centered around efforts that focus on engaging the poor and under-resourced, evangelism, and church planting/leadership development.  While it is common today to define the success of the ministry of the people of God in terms of the number of those who are attending the church, the actual success of the ministry of those “called out” is best defined by whether they are actually “going” out (Matthew 28:16-20).  As such, FBC provides many real opportunities for our people to serve and share Jesus within a targeted corridor of our community.

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