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Community Outreach

Go to your City  Pray for your City  Give to your City  Love Others

Fellowship Bible Church is not an organization that meets in a building; rather FBC is an organism which consists of people who know Jesus and who sometimes meet together at 480 West Crossville Rd. in Roswell, in homes, in buildings or in other locations… all for the purpose of “glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus who love God passionately and love others unconditionally.”  However, when FBC – the people, are scattered, we are still the church and should be doing all we can to impact others in our city with the good news that God loves them and died for their sins.

As such, we take seriously Jesus' commission to go to whole world (Acts 1:8) - including all areas of our own city - and we imitate His model of preaching the gospel in both word and deed. FBC’s Community Outreach is our response to the gospel at work in our own lives. Jesus has done everything necessary to reconcile us to God and has sent us to take this message of reconciliation to our community.

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Kris Eldridge/Community Outreach Pastor